💌 You’ve Got Mail! – But Just the Fun Kind

Considering the amount of mail (actual paper mail 📪 and emails📧) we get in a given day or week, how much of that do you consider fun mail? What would the percentage be? I can’t guess mathematically but I’m guessing it would be less than 5%? Wouldn’t it be amazing if all the mail we received weekly was only the FUN kind? And what would YOU consider to be fun mail? My list of fun mail would include actual handwritten letters from people I know, cards (of course), party invitations, birth/engagement/wedding announcements, and paychecks!

Despite the fact that we are bombarded with a high percentage of junk mail each day most of us I assume still look forward to seeing what is in the physical mailbox (and electronic mailbox). Think about that my friends, and here comes my point – Your words written to other people are precious to them and can change someone’s day from average to great! I am saying this out loud as I type because I have to remind myself too! My stamping community is all about the art of making handmade cards and the goal is to SEND them to others essentially making the world happier 😃.

Today I’m giving a shout out to the people in my life who have sent ME handmade cards, and showering them with appreciation and love 🥰!

Amazing cards I’ve received in the mail – thank you!

Starting at the top and working our way down the grouping of cards…

  • Julie J – I love your picture cards!
  • Sheri F – An amazing anniversary card using the elements of a Paper Pumpkin kit.
  • Judy C – You are speaking to me with the black & white DSP and the pink flowers! This is a great card front pattern to make with all kinds of DSP.
  • Sue S – This 3D pop-up box card is absolutely amazing and you’ve inspired me to make one.
  • Sandy M – This daisy card screams happiness and absolutely brightened my day!
  • Jill W – The Paper Pumpkin kit you used was one of my favorites! How clever to make it into an anniversary card!

Thank you, thank you my friends for sending me these amazing creations! If you are actually reading this blog post then I challenge you to send out a card 📝 this week, maybe two, and bring joy to someone you care about with your words!

Go and make the world better! Happy stamping! Robin

4 thoughts on “💌 You’ve Got Mail! – But Just the Fun Kind”

  1. Most of my mail gets dropped into the recycling bin without ever making it into the house. But the hand addressed cards that arrive get ripped open and read, and passed around and re-read. Thanks for making the world a happier place.

  2. You are so welcome, Robin! Thanks for bringing this wonderful hobby into my life! I love making and sending cards! So fun!

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful cards! Moreover, thank you for sharing the tutorials!!! All of the cards are lovely. As for the one I like best, I have to say it’s the Buckled interlocking one, because that is the card I can see myself making the most often.

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