A Real Deal!


When was the last time you got a really good deal on something?  I bet you can remember when that time was if you’ve ever gotten one.

I get to offer one to you today!  For $25 you can have access to the best that Stampin’ Up! has to offer.  Here is what you receive with your $25:

  • $26.95 in Stampin’ Up! product of your choice
  • Access to the Stampin’ Up website
  • Exclusive access to Stampin’ Connection where you will find more ideas than you can imagine!
  • Become a member of my group called, Butterfly Friends.  We stamp/play together once a month.
  • Get to attend all of my classes and stamp camps for half price.
  • See the new catalogs before they come out
  • 20% discount on everything you order

And of course that is not all you get, but these benefits are some of my favorites!  What happens if you don’t want to do parties and classes like me?  You absolutely don’t have to unless you want to.

If your interest is at all peaked, then contact me by Oct. 21st when this offer ends.

Or join now by following this link!

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