I’m Stuck Like Duck Tape! How about you?

IMG_0385I’ve been feeling STUCK this week!  Can anyone else relate to this?  You know, when there isn’t anything majorly wrong in your life, but you feel stuck in non-productive thoughts and activities….thinking….pondering….and feeling down.

I am guessing that for me, the stuckedness (/stuk-id-nus/) has been a product of this equation:  gloomy weather this week paired with my eldest getting ready to travel abroad for 3 months, added to my husband being away on a business trip, times too many things on the to-do list equals overwhelming anxiety!   And when I am overwhelmed I get STUCK!  Please tell me this happens to you too!

I decided to analyze how stuck I am and work to get unstuck!  My first task was to locate our adhesives around the house and rank them according to their sticktacity (/stik-tas-u-tee/) and see where I fell along the range.  I arranged them from least to most sticky like this:

  1. Elmer’s Glue Stick   (only slightly tacky enough to hold tissue paper well)
  2. Elmer’s Washable School Glue   (I don’t know why we even have this anymore except it makes me happy to have a bottle…poor stickiness and must dry for literally hours)
  3. Scotch Tape   (everyday magically sticky but not strong enough for wall decorations or streamers)
  4. Masking Tape   (not pictured, obviously very valuable in my house as it is holed away in someone’s drawer…it can pretty much fix anything!)
  5. Packing Tape   (very sticky, but you can rip it off easily!)
  6. Wood Glue   (very sticky indeed!)
  7. Duck Tape   (the perfect tape to stick things just about permanently)
  8. Krazy Glue   (the strongest and most dangerous of stuck)

I am stuck like Duck Tape!  I am also relieved to know that I’m not stuck like Krazy Glue although I am appreciating the hilarity of the name of the glue! I have been stuck like Krazy Glue a few times and it is not good. (please seek medical attention immediately!)

I am resolved to destickify (dee-stik-u-figh) myself with the following therapy: some adhesive remover and some stamping! Here’s my Friday to-do list!

IMG_0386       IMG_0387


Contact me anytime for stamping therapy…getting creative always lifts us up and gets us moving!

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4 Responses to I’m Stuck Like Duck Tape! How about you?

  1. Elizabeth Armbrecht says:

    This is most adorable blog post I’ve ever seen; I’m totally going to use this stucky (stuk-ee) scale the next time I feel that way too. I hope you got unstuck with your awesome to-do list!

  2. Judy says:

    Loved your “sticky” blog, Robin! Certainly perked this yucky day. Shopping also helps. But, stamping with wine and chocolate in my “stamping” cave is the best unless I’m stamping with my friends.

  3. Sue Scheets says:

    So clever but I really know what you mean. The weather does that to me a lot.

  4. LOVEd this post!! Thank you for the smile! I feel like runny glue that just won’t dry! Not sure where that falls on the list! 😉

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