Are You Ready? GIFTABLES Await You!

“giftables” – not a word in the dictionary, but we’ve made it real for this amazing class.  An item is giftable if it is something that can be given, right? Do you need giftables in the next few weeks?

For Claudia and me, the holidays are not as enjoyable if we don’t make some homemade things to gift to our friends and families.  Our holiday spirit is connected closely to crafting, and we bet yours is too.  That’s why we created this class…

Giftables Photos-001(food pictured is not included)

To RSVP follow this link.


Check out the projects available below, all priced between $1-$3.  This class is unique in that we have done the legwork for you by preparing packaging for homemade gifts.  We’ve also found easy to make recipes to fill the packaging with homemade goodies.  How easy is that?  You will go home from this class with gifts, packages and recipes to make life easy! Take some time to think about who you still need gifts for and RSVP today!

Giftables Photos-016 Giftables Photos-015Giftables Photos-014 Giftables Photos-013 Giftables Photos-012 Giftables Photos-011Giftables Photos-010 Giftables Photos-009 Giftables Photos-008Giftables Photos-007 Giftables Photos-006Giftables Photos-005Giftables Photos-004 Giftables Photos-003Giftables Photos-002

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