Hello Life! Hello?….Life? Hello! Life?

I love the name of this kitHELLO LIFE!

Although in my case there are many days when I would give my own life the titles, HELLO LIFE?  or HELLO? LIFE!  Either way, the Hello Life Project Kit is here to help us create something that reminds us in a visible way that life is right in front of us, and most of the time we feel positive about it!


Hello Life Project Kit (137949)    $24.95

Set aside an hour or so this Friday to come stamp and assemble the pieces in this kit using my stamps and ink.  Then take it home (or to work), hang it in a prominent location, and enjoy!  Pictures can be added or changed out any time!

Even if you don’t have the time to come to my house and make this kit this Friday, I strongly recommend you get it and spend some pleasurable time making this gorgeous home decor piece.  It is so easy and beautiful!

Class Time:  9:00am-6:30pm
Location:  My house
Class Fee:  $30 (cost is just the price of the kit plus S&H, tax)

Register by clicking here.

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