Santa’s (stamping) Workshop Finally Hard at Work

Every year, the week before Christmas as I’m scrambling around making sure I’m not forgetting anyone on my list, I promise myself I won’t wait until the final week before Christmas to kick into gear.  “Start sooner,”  I plead!  “Plan further ahead,” I beg to myself!  But the truth is, I love the last minute scurry, and getting crafty with my packaging and gifts is something that helps me feel the Christmas spirit most!  So here are the projects I am cramming into this week!  Enjoy! Do you need some last minute magic projects like you see here?  Email me for help!

gift-card-shown white-box-2 white-box cafe wine-bottle

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1 Response to Santa’s (stamping) Workshop Finally Hard at Work

  1. Jerry Alexander says:

    Ideas look great, as always…..happy holidays!!!!

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