New Year, New Fun!

I love the first week of the new year when there is time to ponder and plan the fun that awaits me in the months ahead. Part of that planning includes setting up a new personal planner and getting important dates on the calendar, and I absolutely love creating my own desk calendar to use!

I created the images for my desktop calendar using the Project Life app then printed as photos that fit inside this mailable calendar holder. So easy! All of my Stampin’ Up! customers who have supported my business in the previous year get a calendar from me with a coupon included inside!!!

Place an online order with me this month and you can have a calendar of your own too!

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8 Responses to New Year, New Fun!

  1. Sue E Montgomery says:

    Funny, I was just pulling the old pics from last years calendar out of the frame . Loved this!

  2. Judy Culli says:

    I have my frame ready for new pics! Already know what I will use the coupon for. So, the sooner the calendar arrives the sooner I can spend the coupon!

  3. Jo Ellen Bretz says:

    Nice. Love the designs.

  4. Claudia Kirby says:

    I’m a little lost with-out your calendar in front of me. So excited you are making them again.

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