Beautiful Backgrounds Part 2 – Direct to Paper with Embossing Folders

We are building on the basic Direct to Paper Technique and stepping it up to add embossing folders for an extra magical effect. Trust me that the recipient of your card will love it BUT you will enjoy creating this background even more!

Direct to Paper Technique using Wintry 3D Embossing Folders

There are 2 ways to combine the Direct to Paper Technique with embossing folders. The first way is to use the smooth background method of applying the ink to an already embossed card front. Use an embossing folder to create dry embossing on cardstock. Hold the open ink pad by the sides making sure the side of the ink pad where the pad is closest to the edge is at the tips of your fingers.  Hold the ink pad slightly tilted up at an angle so that just the edge of the side closest to your fingertips will actually be touching the paper. The swiping motion begins on the scratch paper first just off the edge of the cardstock then slides all the way across going over the embossed portion and off the other side keeping the ink pad straight. You can repeat this motion as many times as desired continuing to start and finish the motion off the cardstock. Move the ink pad over and continue swiping on next section of cardstock.

The second way of to combine Direct to Paper Technique with embossing folders is to add a step before using the embossing folder. I call this method the Double Direct to Paper Background. Cover your cardstock with ink using the basic direct to paper technique first.  Then use an embossing folder to create dry embossing on the cardstock. Choose the same ink color or a darker ink color to apply a second round of the direct to paper technique which will now highlight the raised pattern.

Papercrafting Playdate #39 -Direct to Paper Techniques

Check out the samples below using the Timber 3D Embossing Folder. The one on the left is made with the direct to paper technique over embossed cardstock. The one of the right is made with the Double Direct to Paper Technique. See the difference that one versus two direct to paper techniques make?

Thanks and Hellos Embossing folder
Pretty Flowers Embossing Folder
Bloom Hybrid Embossing Folder
Evergreen Forest 3D Embossing Folder

You can do so much with these 2 techniques and I hope you get excited with the possibilities that an embossing folder and an ink pad can bring to your cardstock. Once you get the basic techniques down you can add even more options and kick it up even more.


  • Add Wink of Stella glitter pen to raised pattern areas for extra shimmer.
  • Apply pastel chalks to raised pattern to add extra color and dimension.
  • Add a layer of ink directly to one side of the embossing folder to create a different effect.
  • Use Versamark Ink for the second DTP layer of ink then emboss with powder.
  • Use White Craft Ink as second DTP layer of ink to add a bright highlight like snow.

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