Happy 2022 to You – A New Year is Here!

My very lovely friends, I wish you a very Happy New Year! May your 2022 be full.

It is time to think about a new year and what lies ahead. No matter how many new years you have experienced in your lifetime, you can approach a new year with enthusiasm or with trepidation. It is really your choice. We don’t ever know for sure what the future will bring, and when we embrace the unknown with an air of confidence knowing that we are equipped to handle what comes our way it can change how we react in the moment.

Starting a new year can be uncomfortable because we feel the pressure to make resolutions even though we know that doing so sets us up for disappointment. So instead of making resolutions I am setting intentions to accomplish my goals while allowing myself to focus on PROGRESS and not PERFECTION.

Here are some things I am being more intentional about in the new year despite the unknown and uncontrollable aspects of life:

  • More progress focus and less perfection focus
  • More book reading and less screen time
  • More greens and less sugar
  • More giving and less receiving
  • More fun and less stress
  • More love and less hate
  • More card sending and less text sending

I wish for you only good things in 2022 and the ability to handle all the not-so-good things that may occur as well. It’s time for me to get back to my craft room and

Please leave me a comment and share with me something you would like to learn/see/do with papercrafting in 2022. -Robin

6 thoughts on “Happy 2022 to You – A New Year is Here!”

  1. What a lovely message…I am blessed to be your friend and a member of your amazing stamping group! My wish for this new year is peace and good health in my entire family. That is the most important thing to me! My crafting goals are lofty!!! I want to offer more classes at the Wild Rose. I mostly just need to organize the space. We have a plan, but we need to implement it! Thank you for your amazing videos…I really look forward to them each week. Hugs 🤗

  2. I look forward to your tutorials. I am especially interested in your one sheet wonders, or multiple card wonders.

  3. Love all your play dates! Especially love being able to re-create your projects. I would like simple, elegant, easy. Not too fussy!

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