Last Chance Products, Lists, & Sales – Oh, my!

It’s that time of year when I get the opportunity to talk to you about Last Chance Products! Are you ready? Keep April 9th in your mind because that is the day when Last Chance products go on sale!

Time to say goodbye to lots of products in these catalogs!

With April around the corner we are just one month away from the new 2024-2025 Annual Catalog being released May 1st. Catalog transitions can be confusing at times because of all the information that gets communicated about old products leaving and new products arriving on the scene. I’ve taken the time to break this all down for you and offer it in a logical manner. If YOU take the time to follow the to-do list I’ve created for you below then you will be ready when the new catalog arrives (yes, I’m assigning you some homework! 😊).

Last Chance Checklist To-do List (for you)

  1. Download the Jan-Apr Mini Catalog Last Chance List pdf.
  2. Download the 2023-2024 Annual Catalog Last Chance List pdf.
  3. Download the Price Increase pdf.
  4. Watch the Last Chance walkthrough video.
  5. Sign up for the opportunity to receive the next 2024-2025 Annual Catalog! (scroll all the way down)

I’ve created a (kinda boring but necessary) walkthrough video for you to watch if you want to get a grasp on the Last Chance Lists and items that will be going on sale April 9th. Grab your copies of the current catalogs a highlighter and sharpie marker to make some notes in your catalogs along with me!

Important Reminders

  • The Last Chance Sale beings April 9th – this is when items go on sale.
    • Don’t wait to order if you want non-sale items or products that are increasing in price.
  • Items are available only while supplies last.
Reserve your copy!

Help me get a catalog ready for you by reserving your copy now! Catalogs will be mailed out to my customers by the end of April. Stay tuned for more information about the Annual Catalog Kick-Off Party virtual event.

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