My 2024 Journal Set Up

“Be gentle to yourself.” This has been a whisper in my brain for a while now. Can you relate to your inner voice telling you things you know to be true and yet you soldier on and ignore the truth you hear? Tell me I’m not alone!

So I’ve implemented a few new habits into my routine to encourage a positive mindset and a more healthy outlook. I would absolutely love to know what YOU do for balance and good mental health. Please leave me a comment!!!!

One new habit I’ve started in 2024 is journaling. I have journaled on and off throughout the years and I really enjoy it. Of course I had to take the time to decorate my 2024 journal. Spending the time to make the journal my own was also some well-spent creative downtime. Win-win!

Whether you journal or not, I hope you and grab some inspiration and ideas to use in your own creative expression. Watch the process video (scroll down) for decorating and consider creating a fun notebook for yourself.

I’ve started my journaling habit with some very simple items to record each day, and a prompt to help get thoughts and emotions out. I have been getting my journaling prompts from the Silk and Sonder app. Check it out.

I use my journal in the morning sometime after waking up and then right before bedtime routine. I write the date info, affirmation, and prompt in the morning. Then before bedtime I do the rest of the journaling.

Here are my entries for each day:

  • Date, weather, time awake & asleep
  • Affirmation for the day (this can be anything. Choose an “I am…” statement or Bible verse to write out.
  • Prompt – this should be a question that prompts you to write some stuff. I’ve been picking easy ones so far as I’m not ready to dig deep yet (remember I’m being gentle with myself)!
  • Gratitudes – my favorite! List all the blessings of the day
  • Mood – this a word or two to describe generally what I feel like. It is amusing to track this.
  • Thoughts – In this section I describe the highlights of the day or where my heart is or what it’s feeling and why.
  • 3 Things For Tomorrow – I love this section because I keep it short and simple and describe 3 things I want to remember or do the next day. Sometimes these are just reminders to have a good attitude. 🤣 I also include the main thing I want to accomplish the next day.

The great thing about journaling is that you can DO WHATEVER YOU WANT!!! There is no wrong way to do it. But I strongly suggest that you dive in and give yourself the gift of dwelling in your own precious thoughts for a bit each day. You are worth it!

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6 thoughts on “My 2024 Journal Set Up”

  1. Just beautiful
    I have learn a few things how to cover a clip
    And your journal is very pretty
    Thanks for sharing

  2. I was so glad to read about your journal. I started one in January this year. I don’t work on it daily, just monthly. I put a little of everything in it, weather, a little decoration for any holiday, anything of interest like where I went or what I did, about a book I read and there will be a mention of the eclipse coming up. I am retired so most of my days are filled with making cards, reading or occasionally painting and just daily living. I enjoy watching you. You are such a good teacher and an inspiration. Keep up the good work. Thank you

    1. Hi Marie! Thank you so much for telling me about your journaling practice and the elements you include! I really love the added bits of documentation you keep track of. I look forward to being retired someday and enjoying a craft-filled daily life.

  3. Thanks for Sharing your process.
    I’m still thinking of what to do as a Journal but my walk with God has grown exponentially this past 2 years and I think I’d like to do a journal about my journey and all things I’ve learnt. WHY didn’t I think of this!!! lol Anyway, I’d love more ideas Robin, for example do you decorate your journal pages as well? If so, how do you go about it? I’d love more shares on how you go about it, without revealing your personal journey as well. Any tips you can give are greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Leslie! I’m so glad you are going to create a journal for yourself – you will love it! As I am learning to get into the habit of journaling I am not doing too much stamping on the inside pages. But I use very fun highlighters to highlight my journaling topics and fun pens to write with. Have you ever used the First 5 app by Proverbs 31 Ministries? Each day there is a verse and a journaling prompt. It is a very easy way to get started and then you will figure out the things you want to record that are unique to your journey.

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