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My entire Stampin’ Up! story is one to share over a pot of coffee… I will give you a taste of it here.

I love to stamp and strive to share that love with everyone! I have been a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator since 2000, and throughout my years associated with this company I have gained so much more than I can put into words. The best parts of this business are making friendships and sharing creativity. There are so many magical moments I would have never experienced without having Stampin’ Up! in my life. I am so very thankful for all the opportunities being a demonstrator has given me! Did I mention that I LOVE STAMPING?

Let me know if you want to hear the entire story!

54 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. I love the 12×12 one sheet wonder that you came up with. I just found you on YouTube and I have been watching all your videos. You do a great job of showcasing your talent for design. I

  2. Thanks for sharing your passion. Have watched most of your YouTube videos – they are so informative especially for a newbie to card making

    1. Thank you, Rosa, for giving me that feedback, I appreciate it! I am new to making videos and wonder all the time about how to create good content. I’m excited for you to be beginning a card making journey. It has been life changing for me, and can be a very satisfying hobby!

  3. Robin I’m new to scrapbooking I’ve gotten some of the essentials. I’ve been watching your Youtube videos and really enjoy them. I live in Yukon, Ok just west of OKC and I don’t even know if there are StampinUp demonstrates here. Is it possible for you to be mine and you could guide me in the items I need to purchase. Have a wonderful week and thank you again for your gifts and talents!

  4. OMG, I just came across your YouTube videos a couple days ago and have the running all day on my TVs (yes plural—kitchen and craft room)….. I love your easy to follow tutorials and love how you show what you are doing, then do it….I have stopped several and replayed to catch them. You have inspired me to get back to my crafting room…. I have been a “collector” not a “user” for several years…. But now am back at working on a few of your easy but beautiful designs! Thank you SOOO much for the time and effort you take in doing your demos!!!

    1. Hello and welcome, Kim!!!!! Your comment has made my day-your generous praise humbles me, thank you! It makes me very happy to inspire others and I hope you dust off your supplies and bust out some projects!! How wonderful! Come back often! Where do you live? I’m in IL. Thank you again for leaving me a message!😁

  5. Robin: this is Linda Cahill, I was wondering if there is a printable color swatch chart that I could download? I would like to swatch my ink pads. I see the colors in the book but wanted to swatch them myself to see true colors. Thanks so much and hope you are doing well. I had knee replacement surgery on the 4th and recovery is painfully slow but doing organizing things.

  6. Your card templates are terrific! The lay out makes it so easy to follow the directions. Always looking for your post and the new card ideas. Thanks.

    1. Hello Marlene! I appreciate your feedback very much and love that you left me a comment! My mom’s name is also Marleen – very special to me! Let me know how I can help you in your stamping journey, ok?

  7. I LOVE all of your ideas!!! Thank you for sharing everything and more important, sharing instructions. And for taking the time to put them in PDF form.

  8. Monika Hawkins

    Hi there Robin. I am from New Zealand and am to a demonstrator but only just started a few months ago, i have stumbled across your videos, they are really inspiring. Thank you for that.

    1. Hello Monika and welcome! I’m so happy you are a demonstrator and wish you so much fun! I was blessed to be able to visit New Zealand for my 50th birthday and just loved it! I’m very pleased that you are finding value with my video content and appreciate you letting me know your thoughts. You have made my day!

  9. Geraldine Archer

    Thank you for such clear instructions in making cards. Yesterday evening I made the 6×6 “scramble” and produced 5 cards so quickly! They also look good. 🙂 I have a question – do you also share the sheet of paper showing little squares of the DSP and the corresponding colors? They would be a great asset for me, if you can share them. 🙂

    1. Hello Geraldine! I am so very happy that my templates are helping you make cards because that is my goal! I appreciate you letting me know, thank you! I would be happy to share the DSP sheets with you if you let me know which ones you need in particular.

  10. Charlene Lester

    Do you crate the one pagers with DSP square samples and colored card stock? Where can I get those?

      1. Hi Charlene! Thank you for leaving me a message! I do create those DSP sample pages myself. You can create them yourself too! I just cut 1″ -2″ squares of the DSP and punch out 1″ circle of coordinating cardstock and glue everything to some inexpensive cardstock. If you send me an email I will send you a file that has the headings for each page of the current DSPs. OK?

  11. I appreciate your simple yet detailed instructions as you walk us through card making. I am new to card making and wasn’t sure how to proceed. Your videos spark my creativity bug! Thank-you 🙂

  12. You truly have a gift for the craft and am so thankful you enjoy sharing it with all of us. You have given me such inspiration. I love to stamp but struggle with ideas sometimes and your videos just light a fire. Can’t express how much I appreciate all your wonderful ideas. Thank you!

    1. Hello dear Sarah! Your words have buoyed me this morning and I thank you for being a part of the Really Robin world. I hope we can meet someday! Keep on creating my friend!

  13. Hi Robin. Just needed to change my e-mail address and resubscribe to your newsletter. I love that I finally found you. I feel that you are one of the best card designers and presenters in Stampin’ Up. You are not only that, but one of the best Teachers, you also give us so many samples to share with us. I could go on & on. Just can’t express how much you have inspired me. Love all of your videos!

    1. Hello Carol, and WOW, you are so very generous with your praise, thank you! I’m thrilled that my work has led to inspiration and lots of cardmaking happiness. I surely appreciate you taking the time to share your appreciation with ME!

  14. Robin…I enjoyed being reminded about the 1.25″ square DSP squares projects. It seems we sometimes get so excited by new techniques and designs to try, that we forget how much fun these old “faithful” designs are. I needed this boost to get back to some basics to use up so many of my bits&pieces I’ve been saving. I will look forward to seeing more of your tutorials!!

    1. Hi Pam! I hope you can put a dent in your scraps and create lots of cards with squares! I agree with you in that tried and true ideas are always a delight to go back to. Happy creating!

  15. Hi Robin, I really enjoy your YouTube videos. I appreciate the detailed demonstrations you have. I’ve ordered for the first time with you today. Is it possible to get the current catalog?
    Ruby C.

  16. Hello Robin! I received the annual catalog from you the same day that my order arrived. I am in my happy space with having a catalog to see so many beautiful stamps, inks, and WOW—Papers! The DSP’s just get more beautiful as I turn pages. I am binging on your videos and love that you share so many options with each card. I am glad I found you – I like your style of presentation and your obvious love of the craft!
    I have learned a lot about placement strategies with your Focal Point presentations, thank you for sharing your knowledge and look forward to more Friday Playdates.

    1. Thank you so much, Shirley, for your enthusiasm about the catalog and all the possibilities of cardmaking. Happy creating with your new products!

  17. Robin, just found your channel on You Tube, was watching a video from a few years back, and you were showing how to cut up a 12 x 12 piece of dip, to make many card fronts. I love how you get so much from one piece of paper. I have subscribed to your channel and will be watching for more informative ideas. Thanks, Mary Kay

    1. Hello Mary Kay! Thank you for taking the time to leave me your comment – I’m really happy you have found some good information to inspire your creativity!

  18. Hello Robin, My name is Glenis and I am so excited to have found you. I live in
    Sydney, Australia. Last Sunday I celebrated my 81st Birthday with my family and yes I still enjoy making cards. I came upon you on U-Tube. I am “gobsmacked” at your talent and your ability to explain with ease. Thank you for all that you do Robin. Much love, Glenis

    1. Hello Glenis! I’m so happy you have found me and are making cards for your friends and family. Thank you for leaving me a happy message!

  19. I think you are one talented lady! I’m amazed how you can match up papers. One’s I never thought would go together, turn out amazing. I’m watching some of your older videos too. I especially like the Squash-Fold cards. Once I learned the technique, I can make them pretty fast. I have made so many different cards over the years and have improved a bunch since watching your shows. Thank you!

    1. H Marie! Thank you for your very sweet message. I’m glad you have found some ideas to use in your card making journey! You’ve given me a huge compliment to say that you’ve improved a bunch since following me. Thank you!

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