Tips & Tricks for Creating Focal Point Clusters (Part 2)

Let’s continue working on creating focal point clusters, and incorporate two more types of clusters into our papercrafting knowledge. Last week (Part 1) we focused on the Basic Shape and Tag types of focal point clusters, and all the kinds of elements that get assembled together to create them. Go back and read about our starting point with this topic first and then dive into this week’s information. This week’s tutorial focuses on two more types of focal point clusters: Floral Grouping and Open Frame.

Floral Grouping Clusters and Open Frame Clusters

Two More Types of Focal Point Clusters: Floral Grouping & Open Frame

These two types of focal point clusters use the same Cluster Elements & Formula for putting them together as last week’s types. (See Last week’s post and detailed information about elements.) You will find all the information and tutorial in the pdf and in the video about this topic.

Creating Focal Point Clusters Part 2 – Papercrafting Playdate 93
All the cards shown in Part 2 of Focal Point Clusters
Floral Grouping Types – Flowers can be arranged in many ways within a cluster.
  • Swag
  • Bunch
  • Bouquet
Open Frame Type – Use nested shape dies to create a frame or make a window in the card front.

Robin’s Bundle/Die Picks for Creating Focal Point Clusters

Now that I’ve spent a couple weeks working on focal point clusters I have some favorite products that make creating them foolproof! All of the products I have used are linked below, and here are my top 5 favorite items.

  1. Paper Florist Dies
  2. Gorgeously Made Bundle
  3. Timeless Arrangements Bundle
  4. Textured Floral Bundle
  5. Layering Leaves Stamp Set & Bough Punch

I hope you have an amazing time creating focal point clusters and get many cards made in the process!

Product List

Bough Punch


10 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks for Creating Focal Point Clusters (Part 2)”

  1. Thank you for this very helpful tutorial! It is clear and full of ideas and details. I plan to share it with my stamping friend. She loves to make cards and I know she will appreciate all of this information.

  2. I really loved your Part 2 clusters! You are so creative and helpful with your tutorials. Thanks for making the effort – I know it can probably be a LOT sometimes 🙂 but you make everything seem so easy and natural. Very inspiring!

    1. Thank you, Susan! I’m so happy you found this information helpful. It was ALOT of work, but I’m glad to have done it because it seems to make sense to everyone!

  3. Robin, do you have video showing how to arrange flower dies . How you arrive at what color to use . I’m not sure I’m making my question sound right I’ve purchased Dainty Delight and ordered paper flowers … my look wierd when I arrange them …

    1. Hi Kay! I don’t have a video other than the Focal Point Clusters Part 2 where I used Paper Flowers a bunch! I had a hard time getting started with them but then cut out all the pieces multiple times in all different colors and started layering them. Only then did they start to make sense to me.

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