Too Many Pockets? Never!

When I was a child there was nothing I loved more than pockets! Little spaces to hold precious things. I love pants pockets, jacket pockets, suitcase pockets and purse pockets. That tiny pocket in a pair of jeans that fits only one coin? It makes me happy! The hidden inside winter coat pocket that I never know what to do with? Doesn’t matter because I love it! Pencil pouches? Don’t get me started!

One Sheet Layered Pocket Card

Today’s project is for someone very special! Take a look at this amazing One Sheet Layered Pocket Card that can be filled to the brim with specialness for just the right someone. Guess what else is amazing about this project? It is created with one 8.5” x 11” piece of cardstock/Designer Series Paper and some extra scraps. Check out how this gets put together using a plain piece of cardstock so you can see the pattern more clearly. I stamped on the “front” side of the cardstock to help differentiate between front and back. I encourage you to make yourself a pattern template first to make your life easier. Watch my video tutorial for this project and download the pdf directions for your files.

One Sheet Layered Pocket Card
Papercraftin Playdate Facebook Live video tutorial
Figure A
  • Score the 8.5″ x 11″ cardstock/DSP in half in both directions. Measure and score at 4.25” along the short side and at 5.5” along the long side of the paper.  Fold on these score lines with a bone folder one at a time in both direction to make the score line very flexible.
  • Decide which side of the cardstock/DSP you want to be on the front of the card and turn that facing down so that you are looking at the backside. Very lightly label the 4 quadrants of the paper with pencil (or sticky notes) as shown in Figure A. Measure and make a mark at 2.75” along each edge out from the corner of quadrant 1. Draw a pencil line connecting these marks. Measure and make a mark at 4.25” along each edge out from the corner of quadrant 4. Draw a pencil line connecting these marks. One of the marks will be right at the center score line. 
Figure B
  • Cut off the corners along the drawn lines. See Figure B.
  • Cut along the score line between quadrants 1 and 3 up to the center of the cardstock/DSP. Trim a tiny bit extra on either side of the cut line to create space for folding. See Figure B.
Figure C
  • Place a small bead of liquid glue on the edge of quadrant 1 as shown in Figure C.
Figure D
  • Fold quadrant 1 to the right over quadrant 2, lining up the edges.  This creates Pocket #1. See Figure D.
  • Place a small bead of liquid glue on the two edges of quadrant 4 as shown in Figure D.
Figure E
  • Fold quadrant 4 up and over the first pocket, aligning the edges to create Pocket #2. See Figure E.
  • Wrap quadrant 3 around to the back of the pockets.  This creates the back and the inside of the card. The above photos show how the card looks on the front and on the inside.
Front side of the card showing how to fill the pockets.
  • Attach one of the pieces of 3.5″ x 5″ Basic White cardstock to the center of the card over quadrant 3 for the inside sentiment. Use the other piece as the insert for Pocket #1. 
  • Use the Fancy Tag Topper punch to create tags out of the coordinating 2” cardstock strips. Insert these tags into Pocket #2. The longer tag made out of the 5.5” strip could be made into a bookmark. 
  • Decorate the tags and insert in the pockets as desired. Punch or die cut with cardstock scraps to create a sentiment for the card front. Give to a VERY special person!
Simple decoration on my sample project.
The inside of the card.

Are you ready to see some over the top samples of this One Sheet Layered Pocket Card???? Once I started making these I couldn’t stop!

Product List

Multipurpose Liquid Glue


Tailor Made Tags Dies


Stitched Rectangles Dies


Daisy Lane Bundle


Color & Contour Bundle (English)


Hand Penned Petals Bundle (English)


Sweet Symmetry 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 Cm) Designer Series Paper


Hand Penned 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 Cm) Designer Series Paper


Pattern Party 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 Cm) Host Designer Series Paper


Beauty Of The Earth 12" X 12" (30.5 X 30.5 Cm) Designer Series Paper


Fancy Tag Topper Punch


I bet you can think of someone right now who would love to receive this special interactive card. I encourage you to give this pattern a try and have fun filling up your layered pockets! Happy stamping – Robin

4 thoughts on “Too Many Pockets? Never!”

  1. I loved this project so much! It got me in my stamp room and stamping today which was much needed for the soul. Made a very special card for a very special person. Thanks so much!

  2. I missed your class today. So sad about that but happy to have had precious time with my grandkids. Love these cards and can’t wait to make them. Lots of surprises can be hidden in there.

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