3 Techniques to use with Pearlescent Specialty Paper

Shiny, happy cards are on the agenda! This post will cover three ways to use Pearlescent Specialty Paper in your cardmaking, and the tools to use with these techniques. I’m very excited for you to give these techniques a look and a try!

3 Backgrounds on Pearlescent Specialty Paper

3 Background Techniques on Pearlescent Specialty Paper

  1. Dry Embossed Background with Embossing Folder
  2. Blended Ink Background & Spritzed Water
  3. Polished Stone Background

Watch my video tutorial to see all the steps involved in the creation of these backgrounds and then download the free pdf to reference when you are ready to try them!

Papercrafting Playdate 82 – Shiny Happy Cards: https://youtube.com/live/0UV_aVleL_o

1. Dry Embossed Background with Embossing Folder

This simplest of all techniques is using an embossing folder on a full card front of Pearlescent Paper. Gorgeous!!!!! Want to step it up and add color? Easily use the direct-to-paper technique to drag an ink pad over the raised paper and add color to the paper.

  • Any embossing folder
  • Optional: Classic Ink Pad

    2. Blended Ink Background

    Use a blending brush with any Classic Ink pad and add color over the flat paper. Blend different colors together or use a single color. Want to make it even more interesting? Use a Stampin’ Spritzer filled with water to spritz some water droplets over the dried blended ink. Dab the surface with a tissue to collect the excess water and reveal the pretty splatter. You are going to love this easy technique!

    • 2-3 Classic Ink Pads with coordinating colors
    • Blending brush for each ink color
    • Stampin’ Spritzer filled with water

    3. Polished Stone Background Technique

    Pearlescent Specialty Paper is perfect for the Polished Stone technique because of its coated surface.

    • Classic Ink Refills – 2 or 3 colors
    • Cotton Ball
    • Isopropyl Alcohol 70% or higher
    1. Dip a cotton ball into rubbing alcohol to half fill.
    2. Choose 2-3 Classic Ink refill colors that coordinate and add several drops of each color on the cotton ball. Keep the colors separated by 1/4″ of space.
    3. Bounce the cotton ball up and down over the surface of the paper to cover. You can keep blending with the cotton ball until the ink has dried, however, the colors will merge the more you blend.
    4. Let dry. Then use as a background or stamp over with StazOn ink.

    These 3 background techniques also work on Shimmery White Cardstock, Vellum Cardstock, Glossy Cardstock or any coated shiny cardstock. Get out your inks and embossing folders and create some amazing backgrounds easily and beautifully.

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    1. Absolutely love your cards! Your instructions are perfect, easy enough for anyone to try. I could watch you make cards for hours. Thank you so much.

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