One Sheet Wonder #1 for 12 x 12 – Papercrafting Playdate 2

Do you enjoy puzzles like I do? Even though I only get to do them around the holidays, I love the process of turning over the pieces, sorting them, finding the edges, making the frame, and then getting all the pieces to make a picture. It’s fun and relaxing (except when you buy a really hard one and can’t make progress).

I think that is why I’m also similarly drawn to the One Sheet Wonder concept for making multiple cards at one time – because it is like putting together a puzzle. I created this 12 x 12 template for cutting up an entire sheet of patterned paper to make simply beautiful quick cards. These kinds of patterns are really helpful when you aren’t feeling creative and need something to get you kick-started. My template creates 8 cards.

Here are the supplies needed to get started:

  • 1 sheet of 12 x 12 double-sided paper with coordinating patterns on the two sides.
  • 8 card bases in a coordinating cardstock color (5 1/2” x 8 1/2” each). 4 sheets of cardstock.
  • Scraps of White cardstock to punch or die cut greetings 
  • Optional – another coordinating card stock to matte greeting images.
  • Ribbon or embellishments of choice

Directions for One Sheet Wonder 12 x 12

Cut DSP along one edge into 4” x 12” strips.
Stack the 3 strips on top of each other, turn horizontally and cut at 5 1/4”.  Set pieces aside. These are cards 1, 2, & 3
Take two of the three remaining strips and cut at 4”. Set aside. These are cards 4 & 5.
Cut remaining piece at 5 1/4”. This is card 6 and part of card 8. 
The remaining pieces come together for card 7 & 8.
Now that all the sections are separated, cut within each section using the dimensions on the pattern.
Attach pieces to card bases as shown.

Once I started creating with this template I couldn’t stop making cards!!!! I hope you will join me in this adventure of using the One Sheet Wonder Card Template and start churning out some amazing cards!

Sweet Ice Cream Bundle & Ice Cream Corner DSP
One Sheet Wonder #1
One Sheet Wonder #1 Makes 8 Cards
Fine Art Floral DSP
Flower & Field DSP

11 thoughts on “One Sheet Wonder #1 for 12 x 12 – Papercrafting Playdate 2”

  1. happy scrapper

    Came across the “one sheet wonder” on your YouTube channel and thought I’d give a try. As you mentioned there are a lot of them posted on Pinterest. I checked out about 10 of them and then came back to you as your directions and visuals are outstanding. I will also use the measurements with my scraps. Won’t get a “set” but will use up the scraps

  2. Robin, thank you for always providing great ideas, easy to follow directions, and stunning visuals. I also appreciate your relaxed tone of delivery! Thank you again and well done!

    1. Hi Tracy! I truly appreciate you taking the time to share feedback with me – thank YOU! You’ve made my day!

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