Robin’s Card Templates

Card Template #3 – Clean Lines
Card Template #2 – 3 Paneled Pattern Papers
Card Template #2 – 3 Layered Squares

6 Responses to Robin’s Card Templates

  1. Susan Mack says:

    Love the variety of Joy folds that you shared.. Thanks so much fo the inspirattion.

  2. Kathy gould says:

    You are only one of 4 instructors I love.i so appreciate your simple approach.i need a box to put my cards in. I saw one you did but cant find it. I wrote down ” simple and fast pattern for gifting a set of cards” made two sets but didnt write down how to get back to it. Please help!I also saw one that had a
    ribbon tied around the bottom of the holder to keep the cards in that was really you know of it?

    • Hi Kathy! Thank you for your kind words. I think the pattern you are looking for is called 6 Cards and a card holder. It is quite a ways down the list in the resource library.

  3. karen litvinchyk says:

    I love your designs. I am new at card making. How do I get access to catalog and your classes. Excited to hear from you.

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