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Just like using a recipe for your favorite homemade food makes it easier to make something yummy over and over, using a card template to create balanced and interesting layouts helps you be successful when sitting down to create cards. Find multiple proven FREE Card Templates to jumpstart your creativity in downloadable PDF format. Each card template has a corresponding Papercrafting Playdate video tutorial on my YouTube channel. Let’s create together!
Card Template 24 – Against All Edges – Papercrafting Playdate 119
Card Template 23 – Graduated Strips – Papercrafting Playdate 118
Card Template 22 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 115
Card Template 21 – Papercrafting Playdate 111
Card Template 20 – Papercrafting Playdate 105
Card Template 19 – Papercrafting Playdate 98
Card Template 18 – Papercrafting Playdate 96
Card Template 17 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 96
Card Template 16 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 91

Card Template 15 –3 Layered Rectangles

Card Template 14 Clean & Simple – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 79

Card Template 13 Scrambled Blocks – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 77

Layered Diamonds Card Template #12 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 67
Card Template 11 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 63
Card Template 10 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 57
Card Template 9 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 50
Card Template 8 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 44
Card Template 7 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode Superhero
Card Template 6 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 34
Card Template 5 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 29
Card Template 4 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 24
Card Template 3 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 13
Card Template #2
Card Template 1

32 thoughts on “Really Robin’s Card Templates”

  1. You are only one of 4 instructors I love.i so appreciate your simple approach.i need a box to put my cards in. I saw one you did but cant find it. I wrote down ” simple and fast pattern for gifting a set of cards” made two sets but didnt write down how to get back to it. Please help!I also saw one that had a
    ribbon tied around the bottom of the holder to keep the cards in that was really you know of it?

    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you for your kind words. I think the pattern you are looking for is called 6 Cards and a card holder. It is quite a ways down the list in the resource library.

  2. karen litvinchyk

    I love your designs. I am new at card making. How do I get access to catalog and your classes. Excited to hear from you.

  3. Thank you for sharing all your templates. You make it so easy to learn and do. Not to leave out, your cards are the best.

  4. Phyllis Terrell

    Hi Robin…
    Likes your the pretty did a video on slimline cards and was showing a paper of them sizes…
    How can I get a copy of that..
    Thank you

  5. Linda C Thompson

    Hi Robin
    Watch your replays every day…I love all the information you give us…I dont do cards as often as I should but just wanted you to know I enjoy watching you .

    1. Hi Linda and thank you for leaving me a comment! You are so sweet to keep tabs on my and watch my content. Do what you enjoy and make cards when you want – happy creating!

  6. Hi Robin,
    I LOVE these templates and that you share them with us!! I make cards for Being Smiles to Seniors, so I need quick and easy cards. Tyvm and pls keep your awesome work coming by to us. ❤️ Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy and thank you so much! I am so happy that my templates allow you to bring quick and easy cards to life for your card ministry! Thank you for taking the time to tell me about it!

  7. Hi Robin,
    I moved into a tiny apartment so I took all of my card making supplies (a lot!) to my sister’s basement. We are now having crafting parties there, me, my 2 sister’s, my daughter and niece. I watched your videos all afternoon to get ideas to share with them. They say I am their teacher. 😂 I love the wonky window pane cards. Excited to share. Thank you!

    1. Hello Jan! How wonderful to get to hang out with all those special women and do crafts – there’s nothing better! Your message has made me smile, thank you! I will picture you all there making some wonky windowpane cards soon.

    1. Hi Leti! I think they are missing because I need an assistant…or a clone. Lol! Will try to look into updating. You can still find those templates within the blog posts that go along with the Papercrafting Playdate Videos. If you start at the video description and use the link to the blog post you can easily find the corresponding pdf.

  8. Hi Robin,

    I absolutely love your cards and directions. However, I’m not too computer savvy and as yet, I have not been able to download any of your PDF’S. There are so many that I want. The latest one is Playdate 53 from 2022. Can you help me with this one and also, how I can download all the other ones I want. Thank you for being such a good demonstrator.


  9. Hi Robin,
    Thank you for all you do. You put a lot of work into your demo’s. I appreciate your efforts and comments so much. You make sense to me. Thank you for explaining everything. Love all that you do!

    1. Hello Nanci! Your sweet words have made my morning! I am so glad I make sense to you.🤪 Ha ha! I hope you take all the inspiration you find and send paper love to your special people! Thanks for the lovely comment!

  10. Robin, I just discovered you this past week. I am very happy to have discovered ways to make several cards as a group. I was a SU! demonstrator until 2017 after a major accident – broadsided by a semi coming around a blind curve…major recovery included 14 pieces of metal added to my body, nine of which are in my dominate arm!
    I am collecting your templates to print i
    to a notebook so that I can use everything I have to play with once again. i give my cards away. This is a huge blessing to me!

    1. Cathy, I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. This is close to my heart as my sister was also a victim of a major accident very similar and it has affected her every day since. I have empathy for your healing journey. I’m glad you are here and hope you return often!

  11. I love your cards I have been sending out cards or our church for around 10 years but since I saw your videos I have decided to make them from now on …. I do all occasions birthday,anniversary,thinking of you,miss you,Welcome, get well, and we remember you to seniors
    Thank you

    1. Hi Suzi! I love your plan for sending out homemade creations to all those church members! What a special ministry.

  12. i have a hard time cutting the right sizes of paper i need and coming up with good ideas i”m probably the only one that don’t k now how to cut my paper i am a demonstrator but only beendoing it for 3 yrs do u have any ideas for the cow i have that stamp thank u

    1. Hi Marie! It’s nice to meet a fellow demonstrator. I don’t have the cow set but you can search for ideas on Pinterest.

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