Really Robin’s Card Templates

Just like using a recipe for your favorite homemade food makes it easier to make something yummy over and over, using a card template to create balanced and interesting layouts helps you be successful when sitting down to create cards. Find multiple proven FREE Card Templates to jumpstart your creativity in downloadable PDF format. Each card template has a corresponding Papercrafting Playdate video tutorial on my YouTube channel. Let’s create together!
Layered Diamonds Card Template #12 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 67
Card Template 11 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 63
Card-Template-11Download Card-Template-Directions-11Download
Card Template 10 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 57
Card-Template-10Download Card-Template-Directions-10Download
Card Template 9 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 50
card-template-9Download Card-Template-Directions-9-Download
Card Template 8 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 44
card-template-8Download Card-Template-Directions 8Download
Card Template 7 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode Superhero
card-template-#7Download Card-Template-Directions-7Download
Card Template 6 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 34
Card-Template-6Download Card-Template-Directions-6Download
Card Template 5 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 29
Card-Template-5Download Card-Template-Directions-5Download
Card Template 4 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 24
Card-Template-4Download Card-Template-Directions-4Download
Card Template 3 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 13
Card-Template-3-Download Card-Template-Directions-3Download
Card Template #2
Card-Template-2Download Card-Template-Directions-2Download
Card Template 1
Card-Template-1Download Card Template – directions #1Download

7 thoughts on “Really Robin’s Card Templates”

  1. You are only one of 4 instructors I love.i so appreciate your simple approach.i need a box to put my cards in. I saw one you did but cant find it. I wrote down ” simple and fast pattern for gifting a set of cards” made two sets but didnt write down how to get back to it. Please help!I also saw one that had a
    ribbon tied around the bottom of the holder to keep the cards in that was really you know of it?

    1. Hi Kathy! Thank you for your kind words. I think the pattern you are looking for is called 6 Cards and a card holder. It is quite a ways down the list in the resource library.

  2. karen litvinchyk

    I love your designs. I am new at card making. How do I get access to catalog and your classes. Excited to hear from you.

  3. Thank you for sharing all your templates. You make it so easy to learn and do. Not to leave out, your cards are the best.

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