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Need inspiration or ideas for card making and papercrafting? Find all kinds of free, downloadable tutorials in PDF format. Each tutorial has a corresponding Papercrafting Playdate video on my YouTube channel. Are you ready? Let’s create together! 😊

3 Ways to Create Pop-Out Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 114
Simple Stamped Collage Technique – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 112
1, 2, 3, Z-Fold – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 110
3 Ways to Make Shaker Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 109
Pick 6 Wonder Card Template – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 107
White Craft Ink Magic Part 1 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 106
Stacked Rectangles Card Template 20 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 105
One Sheet Mini Album – Papercrafting Playdate 103
Fall Focal Point Clusters – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 101
One Sheet Wonder Template #4 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 100
Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! – Papercrafting Playdate 99
Double Box Fun Fold – Papercrafting Playdate 99

Focal Point Clusters Part 1, 2 & 3 – Papercrafting Playdate 92, 93 and 94

One Sheet Wonder Templates – Papercrafting Playdate 90

The Diagonal Split Pocket Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 89

Test-driving the New In Colors – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 88

Playing with Circle Punches – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 84

Double Pocket Envelope Card 3 Versions – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 83
Shiny Happy Cards with Pearlescent Paper – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 82
Slimline Cards 3 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 81
Corner Squash Fold 3 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 80
5 Pocket Mini Album – 1st YouTube Livestream
Star Ornament using the Squash Fold – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 76
2-4-6-8 Box & Mini Piñata Popper – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 75
Four Panel Fun Fold – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 74
Inside Pop-Out Cards 3 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 73
5 Ways to Blend Color Using Stampin’ Blends Markers – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 72
4 Background Techniques with Blended Color – Papercrafrting Playdate Episode 71
Front Step Pop-up Panel Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 70
Stack, Cut, & Shuffle Technique – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 69
Collar Fold Cards 3 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 68
Layered Diamonds Card Template – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 67
3 easy techniques to make and send sympathy cards
3 Easy Techniques for Sympathy Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 66
One Sheet Wonder & Card Holder Template Nature's Prints Bundle
One Sheet Wonder & Card Holder Template using Nature’s Prints – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 65
Card Holder Template for 10 Notecards & Envelopes Papercrafting Playdate Episode #64
One Sheet Wonder Pattern for Notecards (A1 size) – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #64
Card Template #11 Timeless Tag – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #63
Color Blocking Technique 3 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #62
The Squash Fold as a Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #61
Explosion Cards & the Squash Fold – Papercrafting Playdate Episode 61
3 Fast Fun Folds – Papercrafting Playdate Episode # 60
Triple Accordion Fold – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #59
Emboss Resist Technique 3 Ways
Emboss Resist Technique 3 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #58
Card Template #10 Happy Square – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #57
Paper Quilting with Squares – Papercrafing Playdate Espisode #56
Offset Gatefold Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #54
Mirror “miura” Fun Fold – Papercrafting Playdate Episode # 53
Accordion Tent Folds 3 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #52
Card Template #9 Multiple Cardmaking Machine – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #50
Card Holder for 8 Cards (Card Template #9) – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #50
Recessed Panel Cards 4 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #48
More Pocket Cards with DSP – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #47
Pocket Cards 4 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #46
Center Panel Easel Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #45
Card Template #8 Awesome Angles – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #44
Easy Stamped One Sheet Wonder – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #43
Pop Up Gift Bag Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #42
5 Easy Gift Card Holders (12-14-2020) – Very first live video 😳
4 x 6 Mini Card Album – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #41
A Card Within a Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #40
Card Template #7 – The Superhero – Let’s Create Together Video
Direct to Paper with Embossing Folders – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #39
Direct to Paper Technique – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #39
Mini Grocery Sack & Miniature Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #38
Inlaid Die Cutting Technique – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #37
Double Double OSW Card Template – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #36
Card Holder Box Holder for 4-5 Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #35
4 in 1 Card Technique (Stampin’ Down the Middle) – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #35
Perpendicular Perfection Card Template #6 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #34
Patchwork Stack & Cut Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #33
Fall Color Combinations – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #32
Inside Out Easel Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #31
3 Easy Easel Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #30
Perfectly Slanted Card Template #5 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #29
Joy Fold Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #28
Pinwheel Tower Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #26
4 in 1 Quadrilateral Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #25
Card Template #4 Beautifully Aligned – Papercrafting Playdate # 24
One Sheet Layered Pocket Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #23
Soft Pastels 5 Techniques – Papercrafting Playdate Episode # 22
Double One Sheet Wonder 6 x 6
Double One Sheet Wonder #2 for 6 x 6 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #21
Interlocking Triple Flap Gatefold Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #20
Interlocking Buckle Gatefold Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #20
Interlocking Flap Gatefold – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #20
Basic Gatefold Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode # 20
Double Pocket Criss Cross Cards – Let’s Create Together
Criss Cross Pocket Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #18
Blended Alcohol Technique – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #17
May Day Baskets in 2 Sizes – Papercrafting Playdate Episode # 16
Faux Quilting & Paper Strips – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #15
6 Card One Sheet Wonder and a Card Holder – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #14
Card Template #3 Clean Lines – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #13
Tote Bags in 2 Sizes – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #11
Easy Swing Fold Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #9
Pop-Out Swing Fold Cards – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #9
Ink Smooshing Technique – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #8
4 Pocket Card Album – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #7
Overlapping Gatefold Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode # 7
Trifold Window Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #6
Shadow Stamping Technique 3 Ways – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #5
Slide & Lock Gatefold Card – Papercrafting Playdate Episode # 4
4 in 1 Stampin’ Down the Middle Technique – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #3
Baby Wipe Technique – Papercrafting Playdate #3
One Sheet Wonder #1
One Sheet Wonder #1 for 12 x 12 – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #2
Rip & Flip Technique – Papercrafting Playdate Episode # 1
Blending Brush Techniques – Papercrafting Playdate Episode #1

84 thoughts on “FREE Resource Library”

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  2. I just found your blog! And I love your ideas! Thanks so much for the resource library. I was trying to figure out the measurements for the quadrilateral cards. So glad I found your site.
    Thanks for everything & for sharing

  3. Just recently found your website and color me impressed! I love that you do a video AND a PDF tutorial! Thank you so much for your generosity.

  4. Oh my gosh just found your website and YouTube videos
    Thank you so so much for the 1 sheet winder directions
    I’m making 40 cards for residents who are in lockdown
    This will make it so much easier for me
    Thanks again

  5. Hi Robin! I stumbled across your channel thanks to You Tube and their suggestions. I am addicted to your videos! You are AWESOME at teaching! I’ve been stamping since 2004, and am now just a hobby demo. I just love, love all of your DSP cards & tutorials. Thank you for all the wonderful PDF’s!!! ~Tanya Alness / Maple Valley Washington (state)

  6. Thank you for the all the PDF’s. I came across your video for the one sheet wonder using 2 6″ x 6″ DSP. I have been checking out your other videos. Your instructions are very easy to follow.

  7. Hello, I found you through YouTube and I am so hooked on your videos. You give wonderfully clear directions and I love how you begin with a simple card and then lead us into more stepped up versions. I’ve made several and have enjoyed each one. Your pdf sheets help so much and your generous spirit is awesome. Keep it up your, followers really appreciate your work.

  8. Hi Robin, Thank you Thankyou Thank you !! I’ve been card making for over 20 years and its so refreshing to see so many new ideas. YouTube and you are a match made in Heaven. I’ve been reading all your comments and the consensus is in, you’ve been blessed with a talent for teaching and for being so generous. It’s all very much appreciated.!

    1. Linda, your sweet message means the world to me! Thank YOU for taking the time to appreciate my content and efforts. You and I have been making cards for about the same amount of time – 20+ years! I always thought I’d get bored with it and the desire to make cards would fade (like other crafting trends I’ve done – paper quilling, tshirt painting, or candle-making) but it hasn’t at all. I still love it and you must too!

  9. I found your you tube card making yesterday 9-20-21. Have been binge watching ever since. Your ideas are amazing. I was starting and rewinding to get measurements etc until I listened to you say there was a free download. THANK YOU! I like your ideas of OSW and making several cards. Loving this and I subscribed so will be keeping up. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Jeanne! Welcome I am so glad you are here and have found me in the vast ocean of YouTube! I appreciate you telling me about how my efforts have helped you in your cardmaking! I look forward to seeing more from you! Happy stamping.😃

  10. Christine Dimelow

    Thank you so much for your informative Youtube channel and for the instructions. New to card making so am enjoying your cards.

    1. Hello, Christine! Welcome! I’m so glad you left me a comment. How exciting to just be starting with card making – this is a very productive and satisfying way to be creative and helpful to others. Please let me know how I can help you in your cardmaking journey. 😃

  11. I just found you on YouTube! I am new to card making. I have been watching your videos and referring to the PDFs. Thank you for sharing your artistic talents! You are so helpful and just full of ideas! So fun!

    1. Hi Janice! I somehow missed your lovely comment from last week! Thank you! It makes me happy to know that you are finding inspiration and opportunities to learn from my resources – yay! Please reach out to me with anything you need in your stamping journey.

  12. Hello Robin, I found your You Tube channel a few days ago. I am fairly new to cardmaking and papercraft. I don’t have much time for it unfortunately so I haven’t improved much over time. You have such amazing ideas and explain everything so well, I just want to get on and create! A mess probably! But I will have enjoyed myself!
    I have now subscribed to you channel and look forward to my first email from you..
    Thank you so much again.

    1. Hello Kath! I appreciate your words greatly! Welcome to my world and also to stamping. I’m super glad you are here. There is a small learning curve with the art of stamping but all you need is practice. (Part of the fun is the mess) Truly. I would love nothing more than to help you get started on this journey so tell me what you need!

  13. Hello Robin,
    Thank you for the pdf, these are so great, just found you on YouTube a few weeks ago watching you videos and downloading any pdf I think I can do, you truly are an artist.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi there, Martha! I am so glad you found me and are able to be creative with my resources. Thank you so much for taking the time to tell me about it – I appreciate it! Happy stamping to YOU!

    1. Hello, Sue! Thank you so much for leaving me a comment! You are embarking on a really fun hobby! Please let me know if I can help you in any way, ok? Do you have copies of the Stampin’ Up! catalogs?

  14. Hello Robin,
    Thank you for being so generous and sharing your creativity. I have learned a few things from your videos and really appreciate the templates.

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  16. I watched your Mirror Fold Card Video. It was so easy to follow so I gave it it a try. talk about impressing some of my friends was an understatement. I have only been card making for a couple of years and I am learning a lot of new technics. The only cards I have issues with are the of IE: 1/8s 7/8s in inches are I am in UK we are mostly in CMs. However I am trying to make the most of it. Thanks for the inspiration to try new ideas.

    1. Hi there! I appreciate your comments, thank you! I’m very glad you like the mirror card tutorial and tried it immediately! I’m glad you were able to get it to work despite the measurements translating to eighths.

  17. Debbie Crowder

    I pray the Lord bless you greatly! You have such a sharing heart! Your patience and teaching expertise shines through every video! I have benefitted so much by your generosity! Please keep teaching us!

    1. Thank you, Debbie, for your precious words of encouragement to me. I appreciate you telling me how what I do benefits you, because sometimes I wonder at the difference I am making and why. Happy stamping, friend!

      1. Robin thank you so much for your Free Resource Library. The cards are all so beautiful and interesting, I can’t wait to start on them. I always seem to be in a rush to get cards made, I never seem to have the time to play with new designs. I really want to get a stash of all kinds of cards made so that I can just pick one off the shelf to send. I recently made a stash of your quadrilateral cards, they just need sentiments and embellishments. I made them with the Pansy paper, unfortunately the cards I’ve needed lately are masculine!
        I also appreciate your you tube tutorials so much Robin, I’m always waiting for the next one.
        Take care and stay safe.
        Kath x

        Sent from my iPad

  18. Frances Graham

    Hello Robin.. I have just found your videos on YouTube and they are awesome. I would love to start making cards, but not sure where to start. Any advise would be most welcome.
    I live in New Zealand.. am in my retirement age and looking for something I love doing to fill in my spare time. Thank you.

  19. Robin,
    Thank you for sharing your talent and your ideas. I find them to be very doable and versatile!!
    All my best,

  20. Thank You Robin for the templates. I love your videos… so helpful with great ideas. May all you give come back to you.
    Sharon from Pa

  21. Thankyou Robin, your videos are easy to watch, inspirational and informative. Lots of ideas to try and enjoy. Cheers Julie

  22. Thank you for the templates! It was so nice of you to share. Just getting back to cardmaking and I don’t remember a lot of what to do. Your ideas and directions are excellent, I know I am really going to have fun

    Thanks for the inspiration,

    1. Hi Diana! Welcome back to cardmaking and the joy of papercrafting! I’m very glad you are finding inspiration on my site. I truly believe we are made better by sharing and inspiring others. Happy creating!

  23. I am a demonstrator and have a hard time sometimes figuring out what to do. These templates are so wonderful and I can use them with new dsp as it comes out.
    Thank you so much,

    1. Thank you, Chris for your sweet comment. I am thrilled you can make lots of cards using some of my templates. Happy creating!

  24. Thank you so much for your templates! Love watching your playdates also – so clear and easy to follow!
    So appreciate you sharing your love of stamping!

  25. Hi Robin
    I feel that I have made a new friend. Like so many others found you on You-Tube and that has made me so HAPPY! You are a marvelous Teacher, making everything so understandable and you have so many wonderful ideas. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us Stampin’ Up followers. I started Scrapbooking in 1997 and now do mostly cards. I am a Hobby Demonstrator for the last 2 years and still going strong at the age of 82. Thank you, Robin, so glad I found you!!

    1. Carol, you are making my day with your sweetness, thank you! I love to make new stamping friends and fellow demonstrators too. I sure hope I am going strong at 82 too! Thank you for brightening my day with your words.

  26. Robin,
    What a wonderful surprise!! I was just browsing today and found your site and blog! Your ‘Playdate #22’ featuring the Soft Pastels was EXACTLY the inspiration that I was looking for! Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations AND your talent!! SO SO glad I found you too!!

    1. Pat, thank you for your positive feedback on my website as well as on YouTube. You are sweet! Which pastel techniques have you tried and which was your favorite?

  27. Denise Griffiths

    Recently “discovered” you on U Tube with the squash fold card technique. Enjoy watching your videos. I have downloaded some tutorials from your blog. Plenty to keep me going for quite a while. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorials with us all.
    Keep on Crafting

    1. Hi Denise! Thank you for leaving me a sweet comment! I’m thrilled my pdf tutorials are giving you lots of “homework” to do – the fun kind! Happy creating to you!

  28. cant believe how much fun Im having just looking at your videos hoping to attempt some in the near future. Thanks for making everthing so easily understood

  29. Hi Robin!

    In a couple of your play dates, you showed a template you created for pairing & layering punched/ die cut shapes in card front focal points. I find myself spending SO much time on this part of card making and would love to have an easy formula to refer to sometimes. Before I go back and search your videos, do you have a downloadable pdf of that template? I’ve searched your site a little bit but I haven’t found it yet.

    P. S. You’re my favorite demonstrator to watch for inspiration. You are GREAT at what you do!

  30. WOW…at all the templates. I am new to card making but already see that I am going to have a blast . I enjoy watching your video’s and have learned so much. My husband ordered me an 11 color stamps pad set. I have used it twice already and love how well the ink works; also that it washes out of clothing easy. I lost control of one trying to open it and ink the front of a brand new shirt. My bad on wearing the new shirt. I will continue to watch and learn as much as I can.
    Thanks alot and have a great day.

    1. Thank you, Regina! Thank you for your sweet words. You will have to get yourself a special stamping shirt! I’ve done the same thing to myself!

  31. You are very good at what you do! I am over awed at how much you share with all of us. I am just returning to paper crafting . I am so loving seeing so many ideas and the marvelous use of so much color and texture! With so much metal added to my body, I had not thought that I could be successful at card making, etc. ever again. Now I see things in a much better light and frame of mind. Thank you to all those who share and support others of similar endeavors!

    1. Hi Cathy! Welcome back to paper crafting! I’m glad you have found me and hope you return often! It is a blessing to discover that you can enjoy your hobby once again. I think we all know that participating in creative endeavors is good for our brains and hearts!

  32. I’m a new to your site and I’m loving it. Great content and your videos are a pleasure to watch. Robin you’re a great teacher and fun to watch. I’m trying new techniques and having a great time.

    1. Hi Nancy! Welcome – I’m so glad you are here! Your comment is delightful and I appreciate YOUR appreciation very much! If you are having fun then I am having fun too!

  33. Found your site through You Tube and enjoy every one of your programs. Thanks so much for all the examples and lessons for the projects.

  34. When I got my first catalog there was a sheet that was a list of inks and blendable markers. I have since damaged mine. Is there a way to get a new one. Thanks

  35. thank you for the OSW templates. i teach crafts at the local mental health centre and the nearby senior centres. they are a time saver.

    thank you Mary

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