Tips & Tricks for Creating Focal Point Clusters (Part 3)

Who knew focal point clusters would be such a fun topic to explore? (We all did, right?) Will you join me for our third study and conversation about focal point clusters and how to put them together? If you are reading this post about Part 3 without having read about Parts 1 & 2 then I suggest you start here first. We have already covered a lot of basic information about the types of focal point clusters and the elements that are used to create them. So far we have discussed 4 types of focal point clusters: Basic Shape, Tag, Flower and Open Frame. We are going to add one more type in Part 3 – Mini Pockets. I hope you take some time and watch the video tutorial below and download the pdf to guide you when you start making your own focal point clusters!

More Focal Point Clusters! Pocket Type – focusing on cards for men!
Watch the replay of Papercrafting Playdate 94 – Even More Focal Point Clusters

5 Types of Focal Point Clusters (FPC)

  1. Basic Shape
  2. Tag
  3. Flower Group
  4. Open Frame
  5. Mini Pocket

Part 3 of my video series on focal point clusters focuses on Mini Pockets, specifically a mini envelope pocket and mini library card pocket. Both of these types of pockets can be sized to fit your particular project size so I will just share one set of dimensions, but you can adapt the measurements to fit your needs.

Mini Pocket – Library Card

Mini Pocket – Square or Rectangular Envelopes

New Kits for Creating Focal Point Clusters

I tried out two new stamping kits and applied our focal point cluster formula to the elements in the kits, added some additional pieces and was very pleased with the outcome!

Boho Beach Kit – $22

Confetti Birthday Kit – $23

Thank you for continuing on this focal point cluster journey with me! I cannot wait to see what you come up with and share with me. Happy creating!

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2 thoughts on “Tips & Tricks for Creating Focal Point Clusters (Part 3)”

  1. Robin,
    I cannot tell you how much this series has helped me! I equate it with that old saying, “If you give a man a fish you’ve fed him dinner. If you teach him how to fish, you’ve fed him the rest of his life.”
    Breaking down the card fronts has been enormously helpful.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Katrina!
      Your comment is so delightful! Thank you for taking the time to share your appreciation. I’m thrilled you feel confident to tackle focal point clusters!

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