Color Blocking Technique 3 Ways

If you are looking for an easy technique to make simple yet stunning cards the Color Blocking Technique is a really great option. In the tiny bit of research I did on color blocking I found out that the actual process of color blocking was created by Piet Mondrian, and in the art world this process came to be a trend during the modernist art movement. The basic concept behind color blocking is a design that uses two or three colors and simple shapes to create a striking impact and vibrant energy. You will find color blocking everywhere in art, clothing and decor (see pictures below). For card making, a color blocking design can be achieved very simply, and I’m going to show you 3 ways to create this effect.

Color Blocking Technique 3 Ways

Take a look at the video tutorial that explicitly demonstrates this technique and download the written tutorial for your files.

Papercrafting Playdate 62 – Color Blocking Technique

Color blocking examples across art, fashion and decor.

Painter’s Tape & Acrylic Blocks for Color Blocking

  • Gather 2-3 ink pads with either contrasting or ombre colors.
  • Tear off a piece of painter’s tape the size of the “block” you want to achieve.
  • Gently lay the tape sticky side down onto the surface of the ink pad and press lightly to pick up the ink.
  • Carefully peel off the tape and transfer to the cardstock where you want the block to be.
  • Press lightly to transfer the ink and then peel the tape off of the cardstock.
  • Repeat process with additional colors and/or sized of painter’s tape.
  • When background is complete, stamp an image over the blocks in Memento Black Tuxedo ink. The image you choose can be anything: words, a line art image or solid images.
  • (Follow the same process of transferring the ink if using an acrylic block except you may need to have use a foam mat under the cardstock to get a full impression of the block.)

Stamped Background Images for Color Blocking

  • Choose an image designed for creating backgrounds that has some solid shape to it. Here are some great options to use:
    • Watercolor Shapes 156968
    • Season of Chic 158810
    • Oceanfront 157862
    • Painted Poppies 151599
  • Stamp the shaped image to create a background with 2-3 ink colors.
  • When background is complete, stamp an image on top.

Cardstock for Color Blocking – Stack & Shuffle

  • Choose 3-4 pieces of contrasting or ombre cardstock colors and cut to the same size.
  • Find a large image or series of small images and stamp in Memento Black Tuxedo ink onto each piece of cardstock in the exact same location. It works best to use the Stamparatus Tool for help in exact positioning.
  • Cut the cardstock pieces at the same time into smaller pieces. The number of cuts should equal the number of colors being used. Keep the pieces in their stacks.
  • Shuffle the pieces in each stack so that 3-4 focal points will be created and each one will have a different mix of the 3-4 colors.
  • Adhere the pieces onto a matte layer piece of cardstock and mount to the card base.

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