In the 20 Years I’ve Been a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator My Husband has Never Given me a Card…

That is, he has never given me a card that he hasn’t made himself! (Gotcha 😉)

You see, my husband understands me, my hobby/business, and the importance of handmade, hand-written cards. When I embarked on this journey of teaching paper crafting 20 years ago he happily supported my endeavor to try something new and has been my biggest fan all along. He is pretty amazing!

My stash of Tim’s creations.

In a true show of solidarity he started making cards for me for all the usual card occasions using my stamp room’s plethora of supplies and his own creativity! Now don’t start picturing the two of us stamping and scrapbooking together because that’s never happened. Tim stamps out of necessity, and he only makes cards for me. I’ve kept them all and they are precious to me. I happened to come across a stash while cleaning my stamp room recently and was once again amazed at his art and creativity using tools and supplies without any formal training from me though I may have showed him how to cut cardstock once to make the right sized card.

Usually Tim uses the ink pads or punches left over on the stamp table from whatever project I last worked on, however, he always surprises me by being able to find the right stamp images he needs to get his message across. He is a big fan of rainbow ink pads so even though Stampin’ Up! no longer carries them I keep them in my collection just for him. As you can see from the pictures his cards are simple and lovely and filled with meaningful messages.

Using watercolor pencils.
He found the punches and paired them with the greetings of similar size.
Yes, those are our egg children with hand drawn hair.
So clever!
Here is the rainbow pad in action!
This one makes me so happy!

My birthday occurred over the weekend. So I had a thought, after finding my beloved cards, about whether he would be interested in learning something new like how to use the Cut & Emboss machine. He said sure! And then I was inspired to see what he could do if I gave him an entire suite of coordinating products to play with. With a minute or so tutorial on the Cut & Emboss Machine, and showing him the brand new, not yet released Fine Art Floral Suite he was on his own.

The Fine Art Floral Suite coming soon in January!

He did not disappoint with his creation for my birthday card! Look at this beautifully crafted card. What you can’t see are the beautiful words on the inside, more precious than the gorgeous images on the front. I love this card AND I love him!

With all my heart I am grateful for my stash of handmade cards and the man who makes them for me. 😍

18 thoughts on “In the 20 Years I’ve Been a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator My Husband has Never Given me a Card…”

  1. My heart is busting right now! What a sweet man you have been blessed with!!! I love the love you share! Yay, Tim!!!!!

  2. Oh, so sweet! Tim should have a group for our guys! Wouldn’t that be fun (to watch)! You ae so blessed! Tim is a great guy!

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