Mini Grocery Sack & Card – Miniature Madness!!!

Do you love miniatures like I do? I have been enthralled by miniature things my whole life beginning with a love of dollhouses. Miniatures are magical in my book!

I was inspired by fellow demonstrator Lori Heiling’s little tote bag idea to create a mini bag that would mimic a tiny grocery sack so I went to work and turned the Kraft 6″ x 6″ paper into one. This project sent me down a delightful rabbit hole of miniature bag making that culminated in the designing of a coordinating miniature card and envelope too. I hope this project makes you as giddy as it has made me!

Miniature Grocery Sack with Mini Card & Envelope

Take a look at the replay of this week’s Papercrafting Playdate video tutorial and download the pdf direction sheet for you own files.

 Supplies for Grocery Sack

  • 3” x 6” Kraft paper (for sack)
  • 1/4” x 6” Kraft paper(for handles)
  • Strong adhesive: Liquid Glue, Seal+, Tear Tape
  • Scoring Tool
  • Cardstock scraps to decorate sack
Starting with the 3” x 6” piece of Kraft cardstock, score at 1/2”, 2-1/4”, 3-1/4”, and 5” along the 6” side. Then turn and score at 3/4” along the 3” side. Fold and crease all score lines in the same direction using a bone folder.
Using scissors, cut out the dark gray shaded section as shown above and discard. Cut on the remaining 3/4” score lines  as indicated by the dotted lines to create tabs for the bottom of the sack.  The light gray shaded section is the flap on the side of the sack that will hold the sack together and where the adhesive is placed.  The ends of this flap can be mitered with your scissors to help the sack fold neatly.
Use a strong adhesive on the side flap to adhere it to the inside of the opposite side.  This creates the body of the sack.
Fold the 2 small flaps in first, add adhesive to them, and attach one of the large flaps over them.  Then add adhesive to the other large flap and secure it over all.  If you use Liquid Glue you have some time to adjust and make sure the flaps are secured squarely.
Cut the 1/4” x 6” piece of Kraft paper in half to make 2 sack handles. Fold them as shown and attach on the inside of the sack. 
Once sack is assembled it is time to decorate!
Tasteful Labels Dies and Sparkle of the Season Bundle add just the right finish!
What is cuter than a mini grocery sack? A miniature card to go inside!

 Supplies for Miniature Card & Envelope

  • 2” x 3” Kraft paper for card base
  • 1-3/8” x 1-7/8” cardstock for card front
  • 3” square copy paper for envelope
  • Scoring Tool
Time to make the miniature card!
Mark the 3” square of copy paper at 1-3/8” on two opposite sides and at 1-11/16” on the other 2 opposite sides.
Score diagonally between the markings but set back 1/8” from edge of paper.
Cut out the small triangle sections where the score lines cross. Crease the score lines towards the middle of the square.  You will have 2 small and 2 big flaps.
Fold the 2 small flaps to the middle and add a bit of adhesive along the inside edge. Trim the point off of one of the big flaps and attach this over the smaller flaps where the adhesive is. 

Check out the supplies used to make these projects below and get busy making some mini things!

Happy Stamping – Robin

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