Offset Gatefold Cards with 3 Different Closures

Who doesn’t like some closure? I know I sure do. I like my cards to stay closed too, so today I’m showing you how to make 3 different closures for offset gatefold cards: latch, slide & lock, and a buckle closure. You can download the pdf and watch the video tutorial to help you when you sit down to try this card and these fun ways to close the gatefold.

Offset Gatefold Cards with 3 Different Closures: Latch, Slide & Lock, and Buckle
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 Offset Gatefold Card Base

  • 4 1/4″ x 11” – card base, scored at 1-7/8” and 7-3/8”
  • 4” x 1 5/8” – DSP (need 3)
  • 4” x 5 1/4” – Basic White cardstock for inside

The card base for the offset gatefold is super easy to put together. Then you can choose how you the gatefold to close by choosing one of the closure methods.

Basic Directions

  1. Score card base along long edge at 1-7/8” and 7-3/8”.  Fold on score line and crease well. This creates both doors of the gatefold. 
  2. Attach DSP to the doors. The right door gets one piece of DSP and the left gets two pieces. 
  3. Attach the 4” x 5 1/4”  Basic White on the inside of the card and stamp inside greeting.
  4. Create a focal point using one of the closure designs.
  5. Decorate and embellish as desired.
The basic fold and layout for the Offset Gatefold Card.

Latch Closure

  • You need 2 die cut / punched shapes to make a latching mechanism for the gatefold. One of the die cuts must be big enough to overlap the opening, and it gets attached directly to the smaller gate on the right side. The other die cut needs to be popped up and positioned slightly over the first die cut so it can latch under.  
  • There are unlimited possibilities for the shapes and die cut images that can be used in either of the locations.

Slide & Lock Closure

  • The basic offset gatefold card base gets created the same way except there needs to be a small 1/16” gap between the doors of the gatefold. To create this easily without measuring, score the card base at 1-7/8” first and then instead of making the second score mark at 7-3/8” just manually fold the card closed leaving the 1/16” gap.
  • You need 4 focal point pieces of the same size. One is for the back and one is for the front of the slide & lock mechanism. The other 2 create the hinges that are stuffed in between.
  • To create the hinges with 2 of the focal point pieces, fold them in half, then adhere them to the back focal point piece. The folded parts of the pieces should be butted up against each other in the middle of the back piece.
  • Stamp and decorate the front piece then adhere to the top of the folded hinges. 

Buckle Closure

  • Use nesting dies of the same shape (of any shape: circle, square, rectangle, oval, etc) to make a frame in a coordinating cardstock color. Cut the nesting dies at the same time in the nesting position (one inside the other). You will not need the smaller inside shape that gets cut. Do this 2 times to make a reinforced frame that will handle the opening and closing of the card.
  • Use the smaller nesting die shape with a neutral cardstock. Cut the smaller nesting die twice as well.
  • Glue the 2 frame shapes together. Glue the 2 inside shapes together.
  • Attach the left side of the frame to the left side of the gatefold door. Attach the inside shape to the right side of the gatefold door using the frame to position it correctly.

The possibilities are just about endless with this card design and closure devises. It is a great way to use some coordinating patterned paper to create a fun interactive card.

Thank you so much for finding some closure with me today, and I truly hope you enjoy putting some offset gatefold cards together too! Happy stamping – Robin

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