Basic Coloring with Watercolor Pencils

The thing about card making with rubber stamps is that it never gets boring. There are seemingly unlimited amounts of images, techniques and folds to try. If you have been following me for awhile you may have noticed that I don’t show many samples with images that are colored in. I very much gravitate towards images that don’t use methods of coloring but not because I don’t enjoy coloring because I sure do! If you have never used Watercolor Pencils before or haven’t added them to your card making repertoire lately I encourage you to take a look at the video tutorial and you just might want to give them a try!

Using Watercolor Pencils on 4 different kinds of paper.

First of all, there are 2 kinds of stamping images and each one requires a different method of application to cardstock to achieve a pleasing result. A line art image is one that is an outline of an image when inked and stamped, and usually is inked in a black or dark ink. Coloring of some kind must be added to complete the image. A solid image is one that gets stamped in a single color of ink and is nothing more needs to be added once stamped. Here are examples of the 2 different kinds of images.

Today I’m going to focus on ways to add color to line art images, specifically using the products I am offering as freebies when you order from me this month: Blender Pen, Water Painters, and Watercolor Pencils. If you haven’t ordered yet this month and want to take advantage of the free coloring tools I am offering you can see all the details in my flyer pdf.

Papercrafting Playdate #49 replay is all about using Watercolor Pencils

The ink that has to be used with a coloring method that involves water (Blender Pens and Water Painters) is StazOn Jet Black ink. This is permanent ink that won’t smear when water is added.

Steps for Coloring with Watercolor Pencils

  1. Ink image in StazOn Jet Black and stamp onto cardstock. Let dry.
    1. Use Basic White cardstock , Shimmer White cardstock, or Watercolor Paper
  2. Color gently with Watercolor Pencil to fill the inside of line art image all over and then intensify the pressure with the pencil to create more color around the outside edges of the image and near any areas that require shading.
  3. Use the Blender Pen or Water Painter to activate the the Watercolor Pencil and spread the color around. The addition of water to the pencil color will turn it into watercolor. You control the amount of water that is applied.
Awesome Otters stamp set, Watercolor Pencils & Blender Pen on Basic White cardstock

By changing the type of cardstock/paper used with Watercolor Pencils and the kind of tool used to spread the water over the pencils you can achieve different effects.

Watercolor Pencils + Shimmery White cardstock + Water Painters
Watercolor Pencils + Water Painters + Watercolor Paper
Watercolor Pencils + Colored Cardstock + Blender Pen

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