Inspiration in Unlikely Places

This is not the first time I’ve seen a pretty tissue box and wanted to use it to inspire my card making. Inspiration for creating card designs is all around us. I try to take full advantage of any ideas that pop into my view that might inspire a new color combination, layout, or design idea. My husband was the one who replaced the empty tissue box with a new one so I didn’t see this gorgeous box until it was sitting in my bathroom. I saw the colors and the chunky images and immediately knew that I could recreate it into a card background.

Inspiration from a tissue box?

I was immediately drawn to the chunky floral images and the mostly pastel colors with a pop of dark green. I was able to pull out the In Bloom stamp set and some ink pads and get right to work on recreating this design on a card front.

Finished card design mimicking the tissue box!

To create the very light colors on the tissue box I used the “stamp off” technique. After inking each image in the ink pad I stamped first onto my scratch paper to get the majority of ink off my image, then I stamped it onto the cardstock. The little bit of ink left on the image will stamp a very subtle version.

Finished cards! All thanks to a tissue box!

I encourage you to keep your eyes wide open, looking for color combinations and design ideas all around you, and use them for inspiration!

Happy Stamping!

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