Paper Star Ornament using the Squash Fold

I’m thrilled to be sharing this fun-to-make paper ornament you can create for friends and family this holiday season! This star ornament folds closed for giving and for storing between holidays, and then opens to create the star shape for displaying. It is an interactively fun treasure to give to someone you love! This paper star uses the basic squash fold and once learned, you can incorporate it into cardmaking as well – check out some other card ideas.

Paper star ornaments using the squash fold!

Watch my step-be-step video tutorial and download my pdf directions for your files!

Paper Star Ornament Supplies

  • 3” x 3” patterned paper (cut 5)
  • 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” square cardstock (cut 2)
  • 1-1/4” x 1-1/4” square Basic White or patterned paper (cut 1 or 2)
  • 6” ribbon (2)
  • Wooden bead or button
  • Strong adhesive: Liquid Glue or Seal +

Directions for Paper Star

  • Fold the 3 x 3 patterned paper as instructed for the squash fold. The side that you want to be the outside of the star will be on the outside for the first 2 steps of the squash fold.
  • Repeat this step for all five squares of patterned paper.
  • Attach all 5 squash folds together, one on top of the other making sure the openings and centers are all lined up.
  • Adhere ribbon pieces to the squash folds on the outside with the length of the ribbon extending past the openings.
  • Cover the ends of the 2 most outside squash folds with 1-1/2” squares of cardstock, adhering over the ribbon.
  • Decorate the 1-1/4” square as desired and attach over the 1-1/2” square(s).
  • Thread the bead or button through the ribbon ends and slide down to the closed open ends of the squash folds.
  • Tie a knot in the ends of the ribbons at the ends.
Decorate the fronts and backs of the ornaments in all kinds of ways. Use them as tags for gifts too!

Once you make one of these squash fold ornaments each consecutive one will get easier and faster to make. I hope you give this star ornament pattern a try and bring some interactive magic to your papercrafting! Thank you for playing along with me, and happy creating!

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6 thoughts on “Paper Star Ornament using the Squash Fold”

      1. In sunny CA aka SoCal, Robin, enjoying your tutorials by the bucket loads on my week off! 😂✨🤘🏾👍🏾 I just placed an order for the vellum papers and tag punches, so may I request the ‘piercing mat’ as my gift??

        1. Hi Gwen! Yes! I will send you the piercing mat, thank you very much for your order! Enjoy the remainder of your week off!

  1. I watched the video 3 times. I loved it and I plan on trying to make some of these tomorrow. I plan on making out an order later on. I did 2 orders and then they “timed” out and disappeared. Go figure! I hope your birthday was wonderful. Take care!
    How does MtnLadyJane sound? I ‘m not sure of the guidelines.
    Another question… Is it a good idea to get the business cards?
    Sorry to be so gabby.

  2. I made over a dozen of the star ornaments for Christmas gifts to family and friends, they were well received with lots of “awesome” comments. Enjoy all of you posts and marvel at your creative talent.

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