An “Oldie but Goodie” Baby Wipe Technique

There are just some stamping techniques that are “oldies but goodies” and the Baby Wipe Technique is one of them!

I featured this technique last week in conjunction with my “Stampin’ Down the Middle 4 in 1″ card template. If you remember this stamping technique from years ago then it is time to revisit it, and if you have never tried this before then get busy! At my age, between raising kids and possibly becoming a grandma someday, I relish the thought of having a reason to visit the baby aisle at the store to buy some new wipes. It reminds me of very sweet moments with my babies.

Ink colors used for these cards were Pacific Point, Bermuda Bay and Gorgeous Grape

The best part about this technique is making your own ink pad by adding Stampin’ Up! re-inkers to a folded baby wipe. When choosing the ink colors to create your ink pad keep in mind that coordinating colors of the same hue will meld together well. For example, Bumblebee, Pumpkin Pie and Cherry Cobbler are all shades of warm colors that when merged will not turn brown. Colors that are opposite on the color wheel can be used for this technique but eventually you will get a muddy dark color (Examples: purple & yellow, red & green, blue & orange).

This baby wipe & reinkers pad has been used well. This picture shows how it looks after stamping many images.
Pretty Perennials Stamp set with “Stampin’ Down the Middle Technique”

When you have used your baby wipe ink pad for all your stamping needs, you will find that there is still a fair amount of ink in the wipe. Instead of throwing it away just yet, use the remaining ink to create backgrounds on your neutral cardstock. Just pick up the baby wipe and swipe it across the white cardstock to create stripes or bounce it up and down to create a splatter background. Swipe both horizontally and vertically to create a plaid effect. So much fun!

The second half of my video explores the Baby Wipe Technique.

Baby wipe technique: Pacific Point, Bermuda Bay and Gorgeous Grape re-inkers.
Stampin’ Down the Middle 4 in 1 template and Baby Wipe Technique
A Touch of Ink stamp set using the Baby Wipe Technique

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